A Holiday Checklist For Brands On Facebook

By David Cohen 

Facebook marketing outfit TabSite is already done with its list for the upcoming holiday season. However, the list is not a shopping list, but rather a checklist for how brands and retailers should approach the most important time of their year.

TabSite cited a prediction from the National Retail Federation that holiday retail sales will rise 4.1 percent compared with the 2011 period, to $586.1 billion, and last year’s record-setting $52.4 billion from Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend will be topped.

The company added that nearly one-third of shoppers began browsing for their holiday efforts in September last year, and 60 percent began looking for deals before Nov. 1.

TabSite’s checklist for brands and retailers marketing via Facebook:

  • Design a new cover image for your Facebook page, one that launches your holiday theme and is consistent across all tabs on your pages. To get an idea of what kind of specials to offer, 77 percent of shoppers have said their purchases would be influenced by free shipping, 74 percent by price cuts, 55 percent by coupons, and 44 percent by blowout sales.
  • Create a tab that will reveal a weekly upcoming special, and include maps to brick-and-mortars. (You can do this with the TabSite Holiday Template.)
  • If you offer a coupon via a tab, include an email signup.
  • Post one photo per day to your timeline, with a text description and a smart URL linking to the coupon tab.
  • Schedule posts for prime times to catch your fans’ attention.
  • Follow a seven-day coupon deal with a seven-day free-shipping offer using a promotional code. Again, share an image and link back to the offer tab.
  • Finally, prepare a post-holiday specials plan to share on tabs and post to your timeline to extend your sales season and capture those looking for deals immediately after the holidays.

TabSite Co-Founder Troy Rumfelt said:

Consumers are increasingly making a jump on their holiday shopping, and TabSite advises brands and retailers with the best ways to capture that consumer activity through social media. Now is the time to implement a plan that reaches and engages consumers before they’ve made decisions about their gift purchases.

This is a helpful snapshot of strategies for businesses to consider when preparing their holiday campaigns. But more important, this approach works for retailers and brands of all sizes, not just for big retailers with big budgets and big marketing teams.

Readers: Are there any hints you would add to TabSite’s list?