Tablets Bringing Ad Dollars to App Developers

By Will M 

Ads on an iPad in Los Angeles on a Tuesday morning are more valuable than ads on a random smart phone at night in Indonesia. Should this guide your app development strategy?

There are 5 billion mobile phones in the world. Marketers do not have enough mobile ad inventory or budget to fill all those phones with ads.

“Mobile advertising is a buyers’ market, with the exception of some new devices and target audiences” said David Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva at the Montgomery Technology Conference in Los Angeles. David speaks with authority, as Mojiva is one of the largest mobile ad networks – with a reach of 1.1 billion mobile devices and 93 billion unique ad requests served last month.

Mojiva’s Tablet Ad Network

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Mojiva recently started a “tablet only” ad network (one where advertisers know their ads will only be seen by people who use tablet devices).

Mojiva says it is signing major deals with advertisers like auto makers who are rushing to take advantage of this unique tablet ad inventory.

Tablets are changing the market in other ways than just revenue. Premium mobile publishers like media companies normally do not allow ad networks within their apps. Mojiva says premium publishers are now letting their inventory be sold as part of Mojiva’s tablets-only ad network. Apparently this period of high prices being paid to reach tablet users is too good an opportunity for media companies to miss.

Tablet User Acquisition

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Should app entrepreneurs focus on acquiring tablet users? Cultivating users with tablets and new devices in the right audience segments will help lift your revenues.

Tablets and new devices like the iPhone 5 have the most advanced hardware capabilities – great video playback, GPS location data and dynamic interfaces.

Marketers can show cutting-edge advertisements on newer mobile devices like: 1) video interstitials and 2) “Click to Enlarge” banners. These two ad units were highlighted as the most profitable by both David Gwozdz of Mojiva and Dale Carr of app discovery and monetization ad network LeadBolt during their presentations.

So should tablets change your app development strategy? You could build apps that only work on tablets and other high-end mobile devices. The high ad rates and premium sponsorship deals those devices attract might make it worth your effort.

Readers: Is tablet advertising a bubble or should it be part of your long term strategy?