STUDY: Facebook Users Like Brands’ Pages Because They Actually Like The Brands

By David Cohen 

Social performance management platform Syncapse released a study on why Facebook users like brands’ pages, and the most common reason, at 49 percent, is that they actually liked those brands in real life.

The reasons why Facebook users liked brands’ pages, from the Syncapse study, were:

  • 49 percent: To support the brand I like.
  • 42 percent: To get a coupon or discount.
  • 41 percent: To receive regular updates from brands I like.
  • 35 percent: To participate in contests.
  • 31 percent: To share my personal good experiences.
  • 27 percent: To share my interests/lifestyle with others.
  • 21 percent: To research brands when I was looking for specific products/services.
  • 20 percent: Seeing that my friends are already a fan or liked.
  • 18 percent: The brand advertisement (TV, online, magazines) led me to fan the brand.
  • 15 percent: Someone recommended me to fan the brand.

Syncapse said its study focused on mass-appeal brands such as consumer packaged goods, quick-serve restaurants, and big-box retailers, and 78 percent of Facebook users who liked those brands also use their services or buy their products.

There was one notable exception in Syncapse’s study: Luxury automaker BMW posted a usage rate of just 36 percent among Facebook users who liked its page.

Syncapse Vice President of Product Marketing Max Kalehoff, lead author of the report, said:

The “Value of a Facebook Fan 2013” report series helps brands understand and improve the economic return of their social marketing investments. While our research first established a credible method for putting a dollar value on social network membership, we’re now probing deeper to answer key questions that enable brands to substantially improve their acquisition and activation strategies.

Readers: What reasons would you list for liking brands’ Facebook pages?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.