Syncapse Offers 2013 Facebook Advertising Spend Calculator

By David Cohen 

It’s never too early to start planning for 2013, and social performance management platform Syncapse introduced a tool to help Facebook page administrators do just that: the 2013 Facebook Advertising Spend Calculator.

Syncapse said its 2013 Facebook Advertising Spend Calculator is aimed at helping brands determine their strategies and budget allocations for four key phases of the process:

  • Mapping media plans to goals.
  • Acquiring a core fan base.
  • Engaging fans and amplifying socially endorsed advertising to their friends, ultimately growing an engaged fan base through word-of-mouth.
  • Messaging prospects with priority campaigns to drive performance and action.

Syncapse Director of Social Strategy Jordan Franklin added in a blog post:

The goal is to drive targeted fan growth such that your brand’s entire addressable marketplace is connected to the brand with two degrees of separation. When that is true, all brand messaging can become socially endorsed, and that is why we see a growing shift toward fan and friend-of-fan communication, with less emphasis on flighted fan generation campaigns.

That’s why our calculator prioritizes fan communication and friends-of-fans communication as “always-on” strategies. In 2013, these should be the bread and butter of most consumer brands that have established, sizable Facebook fan communities.

The third strategy, flighted campaigns, still has its place in the mix as a driver of fans. However, these campaigns are primarily used when event-based reach and frequency are required for a particular marketing or promotional opportunity. Flighted campaigns are also more important for brands that are earlier in their evolution, and have yet to achieve a critical mass of Facebook fans.

Readers: Do you think more Facebook advertising and marketing firms should provide tools like the 2013 Facebook Advertising Spend Calculator from Syncapse?