Survey Explores How Social Networking Drives Real-World Activity

By Cameron Scott 

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Half of all users have engaged in real-world social interactions as a result of their activities on social networks, according to survey by Active Network.

Surveying 500 consumers, Active Network found that Facebook drives the most in-person meetings and charitable donations of any social network. LinkedIn drives most job changes, followed by Pinterest. No respondents reported changing jobs as a result of Twitter interactions. Pinterest was also most likely to prompt lifestyle changes, edging out Facebook.

“While it’s easy to measure online interactions in clicks or shares, it is very hard to measure resulting offline actions and their economic value to a business,” said Kristin Carroll, the vice president of corporate and consumer marketing at the San Diego-based company.

“The closest most companies have come to measuring the impact of social media is tracking purchases generated or putting an arbitrary dollar value on a click. But, as this survey shows, users can take many other offline actions that have an economic impact,” Carroll said.