Brands Scored On Facebook During The Super Bowl: Engagement Soared 60%

By David Cohen Comment

Saying that Super Bowl XLVI represented a strong marketing tool is stating the obvious, but the big game’s effect was even more obvious in a study of Facebook wall posts from more than 1,400 brands.

Buddy Media analyzed those brands’ wall posts for six weeks leading up to Sunday’s game, and the marketing platform found that some 30 percent posted messages referring to the Super Bowl, adding that posts with Super Bowl-related keywords tallied engagement rates 60.1 percent higher than those without them.

That number shot up to 99.7 percent on the day of the game.

In terms of individual days, the two highest in terms of engagement for Super Bowl-related posts were Super Bowl Sunday (56.6 percent above the average for the six-week period), and the prior day (up 11.6 percent).

Drilling even deeper and looking at Super Bowl Sunday by the hour, Buddy Media found that the largest surge in engagement occurred at 10 p.m. ET, as the game ended, with posts pulling in engagement rates 138.7 percent above the six-week average.

Kickoff, or the 6 p.m. hour, also saw a large number, at 59.7 percent above the average, but halftime was a dud, as the 8 p.m. hour actually brought in engagement rates 16.6 percent below the average.

We don’t know whether that low rate at the midpoint means that the people posting on Facebook were bigger fans of Madonna than football, but that’s what it looks like to us.

Readers, what’s your interpretation of the data?