StumbleUpon Most Content Sharing Site for Mail Online

By Kenna McHugh 

The Mail Online, a British media outlet, has revealed that StumbleUpon is the service which drives the most shares from their website.  SU drives more shares than Facebook and up to fifteen times more links worldwide than on Twitter, according to a study by Searchmetrics.

The analyzed information was based on a six month period. The results came up with more than half (50.78 percent) of links to Mail Online articles were shared on StumbleUpon, with Facebook activity, such as likes, shares and comments accounted for 45.87 percent and links on Twitter only 3.21 percent.

Searchmetrics also reported that over half (56.77 percent) of the Guardian’s social links came from Facebook, with StumbleUpon accounted for 31.35 percent and Twitter 10.98 percent.

Dr Horst Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics, stated in a release:

“Some people we have shown this data to have been surprised at the volume of links generated for U.K. newspapers on the StumbleUpon social bookmarking site. This is a very popular site globally and the links could have been generated throughout the world from English speakers who use StumbleUpon.”

One of the most often shared content on the Mail Online was an article, including images concerning the earthquake in Japan. It was shared 392,521 times on the monitored social sites. The Guardian’s most often shared content was a humorous quiz discussing quotes from Muammar Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen.

The Mail Online and the Guardian are the most visited U.K. newspaper websites on social networks like StumblerUpon, Facebook and Twitter, based on a separate study by Searchmetrics, which analyzed  just how often content from 12 leading newspaper websites was shared on six well-visited social networking and bookmarking websites.