STUDY: 74% of Online Shoppers Are Unlikely to Share Purchases to Facebook

By David Cohen 

VWOLikelyToShareChart650Facebook is the social network most shoppers turn to for information to help make their purchasing decisions, but the importance of products that are shared on the social network is often overstated, according to the results of a recent study by website A/B testing solution Visual Website Optimizer.

VWO found that 74 percent of respondents who completed online purchases were not likely to share those products on Facebook or other social networks, while 17 percent said they were indifferent and just 9 percent indicated that they were likely to do so.

As for products that are shared on social networks by friends, 42 percent of respondents said they were not likely to check them out, versus 33 who were indifferent and 25 percent who said they would likely check those products out.

When asked if the total of social shares impacted their decisions on whether or not to make purchases from online stores, 80 percent said not at all and 13 percent were indifferent, while only 7 percent replied with very much.

VWO also found that:

  • Facebook helped inform the purchasing decisions of 53 percent of respondents, far higher than Pinterest (19 percent), Twitter (17 percent) or Snapchat (5 percent).
  • Pinterest was the second-most-preferred social network by women, while men chose Twitter.

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