STUDY: 75% of Social Media Users Who Interact with Ads Would Do So with Facebook Mobile Ads

By David Cohen 

ShoppingWithCellPhone650With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, new research from advertising technology company Spongecell indicated that mobile ads on Facebook are the way to go for brands.

Spongecell found that:

  • 25 percent of consumers who believe advertisements are personalized found social media ads to be personalized to them.
  • 75 percent of U.S. social media users who would interact with ads were most likely to do so with mobile ads on Facebook, compared with just 8 percent for Twitter and 6 percent for Pinterest.
  • 27 percent of consumers who indicated that they would act after seeing relevant mobile ads said they would click on those ads for more information.
  • Just 10 percent of consumers find mobile ads personalized this holiday season.

Readers: What did you think of Spongecell’s findings?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.