Study: Social Recommendations Trump Search When it Comes to Mobile Video Discovery [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Tim Sohn 

A survey released today by social video community company Telly found that 67 percent (52 million) of 78 million mobile device owners find videos through social recommendations as compared with 41 percent (32 million) who discover them through search engines.

The survey, which interviewed 2,000 adults and was conducted by Harris Interactive, defined social recommendations as coming from “social networks, texts or emails.”

It breaks down social results this way:

• 35 million view mobile videos after viewing recommendations on social networks ;
• 28 million check out videos after receiving emails from friends and family; and
• 23 million watch videos recommended through texts or MMS.

“We’re experiencing a new dawn in digital video. Mobile users are looking for an easy, low-effort way to quickly find great content while on the go. Social recommendations are a natural fit to quickly guide consumers to great content, especially in a mobile environment where it’s difficult to search,” said Telly CEO Mo Al Adham. “We believe this means there’s an enormous opportunity to create easier discovery technologies and services for mobile video.”

Other survey results show that consumption of mobile video on Android is nearing the momentum of iOS. While 58 percent of iOS users view videos on mobile devices, 55 percent of Android users do. In addition, 36 percent use iOS devices, 46 percent Android, 12 percent Windows, and 3 percent Blackberry.

Survey participants revealed several mobile video consumption hurdles:
• Costs for cell-phone plans and data costs;
• Figuring out how to find quality mobile videos; and
• Slow internet connection.

When it comes to age, 48 percent of households with children are more likely to view mobile videos than those without. In addition, the survey found that people ages 18-44 are three times more likely to watch mobile videos than people over the age of 45.

In terms of geography, 37 percent of mobile video watchers live in the South, 21 percent in the Midwest, 20 percent in the West, and 22 percent in the Northeast.

Telly Survey

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