STUDY: In-Game Advertising During Breakthrough Moments Dwarfs Facebook Ads in Engagement

By David Cohen 

3MobileGamers650The best time to reach someone with targeted advertising has nothing to do with the time of day or day of the week when it comes to gamers: Results were optimal when gamers were targeted during moments in game play when they experienced emotions related to rescue or reward, according to the latest research from mobile game ad platform MediaBrix.

MediaBrix found that:

  • During rescue breakthrough moments, defined as times during game play when gamers “are feeling defeated, frustrated or in need of help,” ads average engagement rates 543 times higher than Facebook brand posts.
  • During reward BTMs, defined as “when users are feeling ecstatic about their high achievement or personal best,” average engagement rates were 460 times higher than Facebook brand posts.
  • During encourage BTMs, defined as those that “present players with words of encouragement as they are motivated to do better,” engagement rates were 106 times higher than Facebook brand posts.
  • Average social gaming value exchange ad engagement rates on the Web are 99.9 percent, 624 times higher than Facebook brand posts, and 85.5 percent for mobile, or 534 times higher than Facebook brand posts.

MediaBrix co-founder and CEO Ari Brandt said in a release announcing the results:

Believe it or not, digital advertising doesn’t have to disrupt or annoy people. It can be thoughtful and even humanize brands in users’ eyes. The key is understanding and acknowledging the state of mind of that user, then being respectful with your proposed interaction. Brands reaching players during emotional moments aligned to rescue, reward and encourage can fortify the user experience. Plus, this puts brands in a position to make true emotional connections with players, all the while driving the highest returns and brand performance metrics of any digital ad formats available today.

Readers: How impactful have you found in-game advertising to be?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.