Study: Female Facebook Users Prefer Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Men Like The Guardian & Wired

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment

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A user’s choice of social media activity can provide a host of insights into their personality. With enough data points, it’s possible to learn a lot more. It’s also possible to learn interesting facts about the audiences of publishers on Facebook using page interaction data. A study from Fractl and BuzzStream the connections between gender, education, political leanings, and preferred publications of Facebook users.

Across all publications studied, from the BBC and Fox News, to Wired and BuzzFeed, most audiences were primarily men. Yahoo and BuzzFeed were the only publications preferred by women. The Guardian and Wired had audiences that were overwhelmingly male at 97 percent.

Much like how different sites attract users with different levels of education, people of varying education levels are also attracted to different publications. For instance, Yahoo readers are 16 percent more likely than the average Facebook user to only hold a high school diploma.

Facebook users who also read or listened to NPR where both more likely to have also 63 percent more likely to hold a graduate degree than the average Facebook user. Business Insider, Forbes and BuzzFeed also have audiences more likely to hold graduate degrees. In fact, any user who read the publications studied was more likely to have received higher education than the average Facebook user overall.

Most publications also seem to attract liberal leaning audiences. BuzzFeed, USA Today, and Fox News were the only publications where conservatives outweighed liberals. Around 20 percent of the audience for every publication, even the most conservative and liberal, identified as moderate, which may be a result of social media reducing political polarization.

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