Study: Ads Are Only 3% of Facebook Desktop News Feed Posts

By Justin Lafferty Comment


It might seem like ads keep encroaching on your News Feed, but a study from Socialbakers shows that just 3 percent of the posts on Facebook (on desktop) are sponsored.

Socialbakers examined News Feed content on desktop among 1,000 Facebook users, finding that 71 to 76 percent of the posts came from friends and 24 to 29 percent came from pages. Of those posts from pages, 10 percent were sponsored; overall, 3 percent of the posts were ads.

Jan Rezab, founder and executive chairman of Socialbakers, commented on the findings in a blog post:

Our research is the first to truly take a data-driven approach in understanding how the Facebook News Feed functions for both users and marketers. These new insights show us that social media is still at the very beginning stages of its potential, and there is a huge opportunity for social moving forward.

Not surprisingly, most of the page posts in News Feed come from media organizations.

finding-4Other interesting findings from the study:

  • If the second post on your News Feed is a page post, there’s a 46 percent chance it was promoted
  • Video posts by brand pages appear to be equally spread through the News Feed, not pushed to the top or relegated to the bottom
  • In 49 percent of News Feed sessions, people saw 4 posts before exiting; 15 percent of sessions lasted more than 20 posts.
  • The average session lasted 12 posts, the median was 5 posts.

Readers: Do you feel your desktop News Feed is more than 3 percent ad-filled?

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