STUDY: What Facebook Users Want Out Of Brands In Terms Of Customer Service

By David Cohen 

4CSRs650What are the expectations of users of Facebook and other social networks when they communicate with brands via those channels? Customer-engagement-solutions provider Accent Marketing Services surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. Internet users to find out.

According to Accent:

  • 72 percent of respondents only want to interact with brands when they comment via social media channels.
  • 82 percent use Facebook to communicate with customer-service representatives.
  • Two-thirds use Facebook to locate deals and promotions, and that figure jumps to 80 percent for baby boomers.
  • 75 percent of millennials find it helpful when other users respond to questions or comments on brands’ social media channels. That total drops to 55 percent for baby boomers.

Accent Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy Roger Huff said in a release announcing the survey results:

Our goal was to connect with consumers to discover their preferences for engaging with a brand. The survey findings prove that brands need to pay attention, anticipate consumers’ needs, and create natural conversations across all channels, especially social media.

Accent Chairman and MDC Partners Executive Vice President of Customer Analytics and Insights David Norton added:

Consumers behave differently across channels, and if brands are going to create engagement that drives customer loyalty and builds brand advocates, it’s increasingly important for chief marketing officers to understand their customers’ behavior on varying channels. To be a part of the conversation, CMOs need to have a social strategy in place to build a trusted relationship with their consumers and within their social community, ultimately creating a lifetime of engagement on social channels and in person.

Readers: Did any of the findings by Accent surprise you?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.