Streaming In-Flight Movies and TV Shows to Your Laptop

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Customers flying with American Airlines can bring their laptops and watch in-flight movies and TV shows. Customers no longer have to watch seat-back screens or similar devices used for in-flight movies and TV shows. Now, 15 of AA’s Boeing 767-200 aircraft offer in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo Vision.

I used to fly quite bit, and I always brought my laptop with me to do work or watch DVDs that I wanted to watch. The concept is the same, but the service is not free. Considering AA is offering introductory prices, it might be worth a try to if you like the idea.

One TV show costs a dollar, and a movie is four bucks. After the flight if you still have more to watch, you can take the TV show or movie with you and watch the rest later. TV shows has a rental time of 72 hours while movies are for 24 hours. Somehow the Wi-Fi service remains, too.

Since these are introductory fees, I wonder how much the Wi-Fi service will be in the long run. It is a novelty, but paying for shows or movies that you can bring with you from home is kind of foolish. The concept works if you forgot to bring your DVDs or the download didn’t upload on to your computer.

As a parent, I can see the benefit of using the Wi-Fi service as a means to appease or bargain with a youngster. A parent could tell little Johnny that he can pick out whatever movie he wants to watch after the plane takes off — as long as he behaves, stops squirming and kicking the dear, sweet lady.