Facebook Introduces Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Tier

By David Cohen 

Facebook expanded on its Preferred Marketing Developer program, which debuted in April, with Thursday’s announcement at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco of a new, exclusive tier, Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer.

Strategic PMDs will have access to:

  • Alpha and beta products from the social network.
  • Co-development of strategies for product planning and launching products to market.
  • Improved business support.
  • Priority access to Facebook’s product and engineering teams.

Facebook said in a post on Facebook Studio officially announcing Strategic PMDs:

Today at Dreamforce, we announced a new designation for top marketing developers: Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer.

The designation is reserved for a small group of PMDs that are driving outstanding results in the Facebook marketing developer ecosystem, and it is earned through a rigorous selection process that considers each company’s impact and commitment. Strategic PMDs will receive our highest level of support, and will be re-evaluated every six months.

Agencies and brands looking to take their Facebook marketing to the next level can select a strategic PMD knowing that they are in the hands of experienced partners that will receive priority product and business support, in-depth training, and access to alpha and beta product trials.

For more information and a list of Strategic PMDs, please visit Facebook Developers.

The initial list of Facebook strategic PMDs is:

Nanigans is also a partner in real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform Facebook Exchange, as well as a Facebook ads application-programming interface partner, and Co-Founder and CEO Ric Calvillo said of being named a Strategic PMD:

We’re honored to be named a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, the highest distinction of excellence Facebook has offered to its marketing developers. We look forward to continuing to develop software that maximizes value from the Facebook advertising ecosystem, helping our advertising partners measure and optimize their Facebook ad spend for lifetime customer value.

Kenshoo Social General Manager Sivan Metzger said:

Becoming a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer enables Kenshoo Social to further deliver innovative solutions for advertisers and agencies seeking tangible business results from social media. This prestigious distinction acknowledges the diligent work Kenshoo Social has done to help our clients maximize the value of their Facebook ad campaigns and positions us well to continue our mission to illuminate and activate the value of this powerful marketing channel.

Spruce Media Founder and CEO Rob Jewell said:

My vision for Spruce has always been in aligning ourselves with the long-term vision of Facebook. This designation is a huge acceptance of this. We expect with this new designation an increased level of access to Facebook development that will allow us to better optimize our applications, tool sets, and platforms designed for conversations and relationships with a brand’s customers — or, to put it more accurately, word-of-mouth marketing at scale.

Glow Co-Founder and CEO Damian Routley said:

“Being named Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer is validation and recognition of our great achievement in a short period. It is the highest accolade for any PMD.This will allow us to continue to develop cutting-edge tools that give our customers the edge they need in such a competitive marketplace.