Through Stitcher And Facebook, Talk Radio Fans Unite

By Justin Lafferty 

After using social music applications such as Spotify and Pandora, Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher Radio, wanted to find some way for talk radio fans to share their favorite podcasts and programs. Thus, the Stitcher Radio application was born. Since Stitcher deepened its Facebook integration in February, the app has taken off, earning a featured story in the site’s developers blog. Shanok told AllFacebook that the future sounds pretty sweet for Stitcher Radio.

Shanok told AllFacebook many Facebook employees are actually Stitcher Radio listeners, so it wasn’t too surprising that the app was chosen for the developer spotlight feature. Sid Murlidhar, a mobile program manager with Facebook, noted that Stitcher Radio has seen overwhelming success since launching open graph in February.

Through Facebook, Stitcher users can share their favorite podcasts, publish what they’re listening to, and “stitch” together a playlist. The shows range from NPR to Rush Limbaugh and several different niches. Stitcher recommends podcasts based on an algorithm of what’s trending and what users’ Facebook friends are listening to.

Our sister site, AppData, shows that Stitcher Radio has 110,000 monthly active users, a figure that has grown by 10,000 in the past seven days.

Murlidhar wrote that the amount of content shared has grown 80 times since Stitcher launched open graph. The number of users installing the app has also increased 400 percent since the beginning of the year. More than 30 percent of new users sign in with Facebook. Murlidhar also noted that Stitcher listeners with Facebook friends generally listen to 40 percent more content than other users. Listeners with five or more Facebook friends on Stitcher are 20 percent more likely to be retained than users not connected via the social network.

Shanok talked with AllFacebook about the success Stitcher Radio has seen:

It’s been really exciting working with Facebook. I think we’re the first and only of the talk radio apps to do Facebook integration. The biggest thing that we’re seeing is in engagement — that’s the most significant difference, which is highly compelling for us … It’s just been great to get some support from them in general. There are a lot of folks at Facebook that are Stitcher listeners. When we contacted them to talk to them about the integration that we wanted to do, they were really excited about it. We put a lot of resources into making it the best experience that we possibly can.

Murlidhar pointed out several things that Stitcher Radio does right, such as linking directly from Facebook to the app, allowing users to personalize their own playlists, utilizing push notifications when another friend starts using Stitcher, and easily navigable privacy controls.

Stitcher looks like it has a bright future, as the company has been working with Ford to bring the app into new cars, allowing drivers to take their favorite podcasts with them. Shanok’s goal for the app is for it to be a completely mobile experience, one that users can interact with when they’re working out, driving, or basically doing anything where their mind is free to listen to talk radio.

Readers: Have you tuned in to Stitcher Radio? What did you think?

Images courtesy of Facebook.