Stitcher Improves Facebook Integration, Launches Web App

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook users love listening to their favorite talk radio shows and podcasts on Stitcher Radio. The program has a strong presence on mobile devices, but announced Wednesday that it has improved the desktop experience and deepened its Facebook integration, allowing users’ listening choices to seamlessly connect with their profile.

Stitcher has become one of the top streaming audio applications on Facebook. Sister site AppData shows Stitcher holding steady at 20,000 daily active users and 120,000 monthly active users. Through Stitcher, users can listen to shows on National Public Radio, British Broadcasting Corporation and more.

The company announced today that they’ve launched a fully-featured Web app, along with a player widget that allows for distributed listening across the Internet. The Web app is optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It syncs with the mobile application, so users can listen to their favorite podcasts on their work computer, then pick up where they left off while listening on their mobile device on their way home from work. Stitcher claims that the player widget is the first Internet browser audio player designed specifically for talk radio.

Noah Shanok, Stitcher’s CEO, described how the app is now designed to follow users wherever they go:

Stitcher users listen in their cars, at home, at work, in the gym and want a seamless driveway-to-desktop listening experience across devices. As a mobile first company, we are coming full circle, embracing the consumer need to have a great device agnostic
experience anywhere they are.

Stitcher’s Web app includes many of the same things that made the mobile app so popular, including smart discovery, where listeners can discover new shows based on what they’ve been listening to. Users can also get breaking news and the newest episodes of their favorite shows without the need to download them or sync to a device. People can also create customized stations and have access to the stations they’ve created on mobile.

If listeners connect their Facebook account, Stitcher seamlessly shares their favorite shows with friends through an open graph action. The player widget also features analytics to help media partners and podcasters increase a show’s reach through Twitter and Facebook with built-in sharing.

Readers: What are your favorite shows to listen to on Stitcher?