Facebook To Users: Pay Attention, This Is About Security

By David Cohen 

Since Facebook users did such a bang-up job participating in its vote on proposed revisions to its statement of rights and responsibilities and data use policy, with a whopping 0.038 percent of them participating, the social network will take another step toward ramping up awareness of its security options by making sure each of its more than 900 million monthly average users sees a link at the top of their news feeds urging them to “Stay in control of your account by following these simple security tips.”

Clicking on the link takes users to the Security on Facebook page, which offers information on topics including detecting scams, choosing secure passwords, and confirming mobile phone numbers. Why mobile phone numbers? In the event that an account was compromised or the social network was hacked, users’ passwords could be immediately deleted, and they would receive text messages notifying them of the need to set up new ones.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that the message will be rolled out to all users who access the social network via desktop PCs over the next few days.

The social network also told TechCrunch that the deployment of the message was planned before the security breaches suffered by eHarmony, Last.fm, and LinkedIn.

Readers: Have you seen this message yet?

Screen shot courtesy of TechCrunch.