VIDEO: The Perils Of Quitting Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

Leaving Facebook for good is much like trying to kill a zombie in a horror flick. Even though you’re pretty sure you’ve 86’ed it, you can’t be certain that it’s really dead. My Damn Channel, a popular channel on YouTube, recently tackled the topic of quitting Facebook (and other social networks) in a funny, well-done video series, “Status Kill.”

Status Kill follows a man, played by Ayinde Howell, who tries to quit a fictitious social network called TweetFaceSter. In the season finale of the Status Kill series, “Quitting,” Howell tries to kick his social media habit by checking into the TweetFaceSter Addiction Clinic. But the folks at this social network don’t want him to leave, bombarding him with likes, comments, tags, and “Are you sure you want to leave?” prompts. He takes matters into his own hands to break away from the grid.

Jesse Cowell, creator and producer of Status Kill, wrote to AllFacebook about why he brought the issue of quitting social networks to the virtual screen:

I really love Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, but I am often baffled by the ways in which people use these tools. I think that because we approach it from so many different vantage points and each see it for different purposes, it has quickly become a wild west of social etiquette. From one person’s obsession with political rants, to another person’s over sharing of their cat photos – I thought it was ripe for commentary (and epic gun battles!).

Check out the video of Quitting here:

Readers: Have you tried to quit Facebook?