Starz Uses Transmedia to Promote Final Season of ‘Spartacus’

By Devon Glenn 

“Spartacus: War of the Damned” returns on January 25 for the final season of the People’s Choice Award-nominated series set in ancient Rome. The Starz network is gearing up for the grand finale with the “Battle for Nuceria”: a multi-screen experience for fans to compete with one another for prizes as the season unfolds.

You start out at the Encampment website, where you watch a video for instructions, receive your mission, and start playing. The first game turns your mouse into a sword for smashing pots as they fly through a courtyard.  Once you pass a level, you can download a badge like this rebel army badge pictured on the right.

It’s all connected to Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your points and check your ranking on the leaderboard.

From there, you download a mobile app where you can complete missions on the go, check in places, and use a scanner for collecting “rebel marks” and “key art” to unlock more points.

This application is definitely aimed at the show’s most loyal fans, as it requires a mobile number and an email address to play.

But the rewards include three hours of bonus video content,  an opportunity to unlock the first episode ahead of the premiere (the first online, we’re told), and a shot at an all-expense-paid trip to Italy.

“We have leveraged the immersive nature of the ‘Spartacus’ story, and taken the experience beyond television screen with the ‘Battle for Nuceria,” said Erin Dwyer, Executive Director of digital marketing for Starz Entertainment in a statement. “We want to reward our loyal fans and bring this epic story to life. The digital experience empowers our ultimate fans in new ways and makes them a part of our show’s legacy in a powerful way that builds engagement and loyalty.”