Start With a Fresh Homepage

By andrewgr Comment

sthrtI’m quite accepting of vowel-phobic URLs. That is why I am willing to five stHrt (pronounced like START) a fair shake.

The Website is determined to become your Web browser’s start page. Similar to Google Chrome, the stHrt will allow you to organize sites you visit often. But what sets it apart is that it let’s you find other cool sites – all while connecting with friends.

Each site gets a user-rating attached and you can sort my most popular, most clicked or most displayed if you’re looking for some new Web destinations.

After completing the simple registration process you can organize, vote and share your ‘homepages.’

From their site: is your homepage. It’s a better way to stHrt your Internet journeys, organize sites you visit often, and find other cool sites while connecting with friends so sign up now and start customizing your homepages today.

One of the neatest aspects of the concept is that users can have multiple homepages. For example, you might need or want easy access to different Websites when you’re at home opposed to work.

“Layer browsing,” as coined on StHrt allows users to visit sites without leaving the homepage. This means you can share your PC with other people without exposing your history.

Be warned that external URLs on the site open as new windows and might initially be recognized as pop up ads.