People Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes So Much, They Crashed Starbucks’ Facebook Contest

By Justin Lafferty 

As summer turns to fall, it’s time for one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks — the pumpkin spice latte. The coffee shop has turned to Facebook for a contest to figure out which city will be the first to sip the sweet java. This contest’s application was so popular that it crashed within one hour of its launch Monday morning. Not to worry, it’s now up and running again. As of Tuesday morning, the town of Clarkesville, Ga. (population 1,742), located 85 miles northeast of Atlanta, is the leader.

As a Starbucks spokeswoman noted, this is the 11th year that the coffee mogul has offered the popular autumn drink:

We are building anticipation for the return of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and giving customers the opportunity to show love and pride for their home city.

By visiting the app (available through the third tab on Starbucks’ Facebook page), users can pick a state and then a city. Whichever city receives the most votes by noon PT Friday will be the first to taste the pumpkin spice latte. Starbucks will pick the top city in the U.S. and the top city in Canada.

There will be three levels of engagement: Users can share their voted through Facebook and Twitter, participate in daily challenges such as word search and photo games, and post creations such as a city postcard, pumpkin-based poetry, or art.

Last year, Chicago and Calgary, Alberta, earned the right to drink the popular coffee first. A Starbucks spokeswoman told AllFacebook that in 2011, there were more than 1.6 million views of the pumpkin spice latte game (which lasts less than one week) and more than 230,000 posts about it.

We’re guessing that this Facebook-based contest will go a lot smoother than Walmart’s, which sent rapper Pitbull to the most remote store possible — in Kodiak, Alaska.

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Image courtesy of Starbucks’ Facebook page.