St. Louis Rams Looking to Score Social Media Victory

By Tim Sohn 

The St. Louis Rams has deployed social media platform Wayin to help increase engagement among team members, fans, and the media.

Wayin has designed a three-part online hub, which can be found at, for the Missouri-based team. The hub’s main page brings team updates and news, player stats, and fan pictures, together on one web page.

Twitter and Instagram posts are aggregated from fans and the team using hashtags such as #Showtime, #RamsOpener, etc. The team also asks fans poll questions on Twitter, and questions and answers show up in the hub.

The top of the page has links to “Rams” (the main page), “Media,” and “Team” pages. The media page features social media posts from outlets such as ESPN, the St. Louis Dispatch, NBC Sports, and more. As you might have guessed, the team page aggregates social media posts (in a slideshow format) from team member accounts.

The St. Louis Rams also have Facebook and Google+ pages.

Other teams that use the Wayin hub include the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons. The Denver-based company also created a hub for the NHL San Jose Sharks’ Stanley Cup playoff.