Square Integrates With Facebook Ads

By David Cohen Comment


Electronic payments provider Square announced that its sales data are now integrated with Facebook ads, with support for other social networks to be added soon.

Square said in a blog post that its Customer Engagement suite of tools is now integrated with Facebook ads, allowing its clients to buy and target ads on the social network directly via Square, which gives them a clear picture of the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The company wrote:

We’re launching Facebook ad integration to help you target customers on Facebook, get new customers in the door and increase sales effectively at an affordable cost. Now your Facebook ads results and Square sales data are integrated, so you can connect your Facebook marketing budget to actual sales and understand exactly what your customers respond to. We will also be adding support for other social channels in the coming weeks.

The New York Times reported that Square will earn subscription fees from its integration with Facebook, and Saumil Mehta, its customer engagement lead, told the newspaper:

There’s a lot of excitement around buying Facebook ads, but the critical missing link is, if I put down $5, how do I know if it worked? The ability to track and close the loop from advertisement to sale—that’s the holy grail.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on this integration?