Springpad Integrates With Facebook, Allows Users To Organize Likes Into Notebooks

By David Cohen 

Facebook users can organize all of their likes related to movies, television, books, music, and restaurants into one handy timeline box following new Facebook integration features launched Thursday by “smart notebook application” Springpad.

Users who sign up for Springpad via Facebook can opt to automatically import and categorize their likes into Springpad notebooks, after which the app enhances them with actionable information including Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews and trailers, price comparisons, maps, product availability alerts, OpenTable reservation links, and Foursquare tips.

Notebooks or individual items can then be shared to users’ timelines.

Springpad Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Chow said:

Facebook likes can be valuable for people seeking recommendations from friends who share similar interests, but today they’re not discoverable. The persistent and enhanced nature of Springpad’s notebooks and powerful filtering capabilities cut through the social clutter to make it easier for you to make better decisions filtered by interest and those you trust.

Readers: Are you ready to get organized?