Spredfast Integrates Bazaarvoice To Add Input From Users Of Facebook, Other Social Networks

By David Cohen 

Ratings and reviews from fellow users of Facebook and other social networks often play a role in purchasing decisions. Recognizing this, social marketing software provider Spredfast announced that it integrated with ratings and reviews platform Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice’s technology is now integrated into Spredfast’s platform, allowing brands to monitor, manage, and amplify ratings and reviews from social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and to track how their content engages users across those channels.

New features enabled by the integration include:

  • The ability to pull Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews directly into the Spredfast Social Inbox in order to access a more holistic view of conversations and build custom search streams to focus on specific products, ratings, and review feedback.
  • The ability to act on reviews by routing them to the proper teams, and to identify positive sentiment that can be reused as social content.
  • The ability to prepopulate posts with key components of positive reviews, including products, locations, ratings, and links to the product pages.
  • The ability to tag review content after it is published and track its effectiveness.

Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron said:

Spredfast is continually looking for ways to help enterprises better manage their social interactions in an increasingly complex and diverse social environment. Customer ratings and reviews are a big part of the social conversation, and they can have a significant impact on sales, and companies are looking for an easy way to manage and integrate this high-value content into their social program. With our Bazaarvoice integration, we’re giving our customers the ability to not only monitor and leverage this content in their social programs, but also to target the content based on a consumer’s social connections, interests, and location to further boost engagement.

Bazaarvoice Vice President of Technology Partnerships Jim Petty added:

The perspective of our peers is often the most influential information we use to shape our own opinions regarding a product or service. Social networking allows us to exert and consume this influence with unprecedented speed and scale, but the challenge for marketers is how to best amplify the most useful content. The tighter integration between Spredfast and Bazaarvoice helps increase the opportunity for organizations to quickly and easily engage their communities with authentic ratings and reviews content that can build both brand awareness and affinity.

Readers: How much of an influence do the opinions of other Facebook users have on your product-purchase decisions?