Spotify’s New Discovery Features Free Listeners from Judgmental Friends

By Devon Glenn 

Listening to music with your friends on Spotify is fun, until someone mocks your love for Metallica.  Today, the social music service shared two important updates. First, users will be now be able to follow strangers on the site who have awesome taste in music as well as their friends. Second, the heavy metal band Metallica is making every song in its 30-year history available to Spotify users.

“Our music influences are as individual as we are,” said Daniel Ek, CEO and founder at Spotify in a statement. “Maybe you discover new songs or artists by reading reviews, listening to the radio, or sharing with friends. Maybe you go to a lot of concerts, love making cool playlists, or want to know what the people you care about are getting in to. Spotify now brings all of this together.”

The Follow Tab connects people to friends, artists, influencers, and members of the media who can make recommendations on what to listen to next, taking users beyond their Facebook friends to find other like-minded people.

There’s also a Discover Tab that pulls content from Pitchfork, Songkick, Tunigo and other sites to come up with personalized content like album releases, artist playlists, upcoming concerts, and other recommendations that are based on a person’s follow list and favorite songs.

Other improvements include mobile alerts that notify users when a new album has come out, an “add” button for building song collections, and an Audio Preview feature for hearing a quick sample of a song and saving it for later while something else is playing.

Plenty of artists, publishers, and other influential people like Katy Perry, Pearl Jam, Justin Bieber, People Magazine,  President Barack Obama and even Metallica are on board for the service.

Some readers may remember that Metallica once filed a lawsuit against Napster for pirating music. The band’s willing participation in this music streaming service speaks volumes.

“Users tell us they don’t know what to listen to, and artists tell us they want to connect more closely with fans,” explained Ek. “So we’re creating a new and personalized way of finding great music.”

Metallica photo courtesy of Spotify.