Spotify To Stream on Samsung TVs

By Devon Glenn 

Social music service Spotify has formed a partnership with Samsung that will allow viewers to stream music from their television sets.

Starting with European countries such as the U.K., France, Germany and Scandinavia, the service will appear first on the Samsung Smart TV 2012 E Series, rolling out to Samsung’s Blu-ray players and home-theater systems later in 2012.

“Great music demands great sound quality,” said Dan Saunders, director of content services at Samsung Electronics Europe in a statement.”With the new Spotify app, people no longer need to fuss about connecting cables from their laptop or tablet to Hi-Fi equipment.”

After a free trial, only paid subscribers will be able to access Spotify from their television screens, which may be Spotify’s way of reducing its dependency on advertising, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Analysts say that the company’s current business model is not sustainable without an increase in the number of paid subscriptions. Spotify lost $59 million in 2011, despite earning $244 million in net revenue.

Profitability seems to be an industry-wide problem. Competitor Pandora has been looking for ways to reduce licensing fees to widen profit margins, while record labels complain that they don’t make enough in royalties from digital streaming services.

Spotify’s partnership with Samsung, which is not exclusive, will also further Spotify’s goal of making the service available on multiple channels, which it has done with the launch of new apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as embeddable play buttons for websites and blogs.

“It’s our dream to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, everywhere, and bringing our service to Samsung Smart TVs is taking us another step closer to turning this dream into reality,” said Spotify head of hardware partnerships Pascal de Mul in a statement. “The television is at the heart of most people’s home entertainment experience, so it is a natural fit to make our music service available on internet-connected Smart TVs.”

Image by Dmitriy Shironosov via Shutterstock.