If You’re On A Budget, Will Sponsored Stories Work For You?

By Justin Lafferty 

Not long after Facebook announced that sponsored stories on users’ news feeds were for sale, several companies leaped at the chance to buy real estate on news feeds. But what if you’ve only got a $5 budget for social marketing? How far will that get?

Social Media Today tested out the effectiveness of sponsored stories by seeing how far a $5 promoted status would go. The results were a bit surprising. Granted, they weren’t trying to sell a product, just promoting a happy hour event.

Social Media Today learned that, even though they only paid an Abraham Lincoln, their reach was noticeably increased. At least Elliot Volkman thought so:

So for $5, we doubled our posts reach, received nearly a 24 percent increase in post engagement, and two additional page likes. Not too shabby at all.

I believe these results will still be mirrored regardless of us having a cover charge, as we often list that on the link people would be navigating to, so this $5 experiment can still provide some value to those of you seeking to build awareness around an event.

The blog posted stats from Facebook showing how for $5, they reached 484 people and earned a few more likes:

However, the blog also pointed out a scary thought, hoping that regular users won’t have to someday pony up the greenbacks to get their posts noticed among a flurry of sponsored stories on friends’ news feeds.

Readers: Have you used sponsored stories for your business or event? Do you feel you got your money’s worth or not?