Spoiler Shield Allows Facebook Users To DVR TV Shows, Games Without Finding Out What Happened

By David Cohen 

SpoilerShieldFacebook and Twitter users who have attempted to watch TV shows and sporting events on their digital-video recorders, only to find out the plot twists or scores in advance thanks to yappy friends and contacts, can now use a free iOS application to avoid that problem in the future: Spoiler Shield.

Spoiler Shield works via a proprietary algorithm that allows it to block Facebook posts and tweets related to the selected TV shows or games, while enabling users to view the rest of their Facebook News Feeds and Twitter feeds.

Users with Spoiler Shield activated will see gold shields covering any potential spoiler posts, as well as the name of the Facebook friend or Twitter contact posting, and the name of the show or team being protected, after which they can double-tap if they decide to go ahead and read the posts.

The app contains shields covering more than 30 popular TV shows (list below), as well as every team in the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

An Android version of Spoiler Shield is under development.

Spoiler Shield Co-Founder Josh Solt said:

We were tired of our friends spoiling sports scores and TV-show plot twists through social media. One of our main motivators was the “Game of Thrones” “Red Wedding” episode backlash. That was the tipping point when we decided to create Spoiler Shield.

Co-Founder Matthew Loew added:

Like many sports fans, I record games to watch later. I was sick of hiding from my Facebook and Twitter until I watched the game. Spoiler Shield lets users stay connected, yet remain in control.

TV shows supported by Spoiler Shield at launch are:

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