SplashPost Aims To Turn Facebook Likes Into Dollars

By Justin Lafferty 

Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only person working to make a profit from Facebook. Several businesses are trying to find ways to turn their Facebook fans into paying customers. SplashPost, which launched the latest version of its platform this week, helps marketers create engaging Facebook posts that encourage users to opt in for deals.

SplashPost allows marketers to create eye-catching and interesting Facebook posts that not only inform users about their companies, but allow them to interact and opt in for discounts and email services. With an elementary and fully customizable user interface, it’s easy for those who aren’t design gurus to create posts that will get people clicking without taking them to another screen.

SplashPost makes it easier for marketers to gather Facebook fans’ email addresses so they can build client contact bases of interested potential customers.

Thomas¬†Kjeldgaard, SplashPost’s founder, told AllFacebook that so far, his company’s clients have seen great click-through rates.¬†Kjeldgaard said the average Facebook post CTR is about 0.07, but SplashPost has gotten CTRs as high as 0.593 (and even 1.4 in Denmark).

Kjeldgaard talked with AllFacebook about the importance of getting dedicated fans’ email addresses, and how SplashPost makes it easy:

If you have an application on Facebook, what kind of picture you’re using is huge in terms of click-through rate you get. One thing about a text link is that you cannot change the thumbnail, that’s one thing. Secondly, most of the billers out there don’t support mobile, and now 50 percent of Facebook is on mobile. So even if you put out the text link, and even if they click the link, if your tab doesn’t support mobile, you get nothing. We can actually do this right within the feed. So what you do is you go in, you select a template, and customize it. After you customize the template, it takes less than five minutes, you then shoot that out to your fans instantly. When they click it in the small widget there, they enter in their email, they hit a button, and you send them to a thank-you page, if you want, and they continue their journey. Now we’ve got an email and now we can start to follow up.

Need to know more? SplashPost also created a video about their services: