Sparksfly Helps Users Manage Their Social Flows

By David Cohen 

SparksflyFacebookCheckIn650The latest solution to help users cut through the clutter of their multiple social media accounts comes from Sparksfly, which announced the release Wednesday of its social network consolidation tool, Sparksfly 2.2, on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Sparksfly 2.2 uses what the company calls a proprietary Fuzzy Logic Engine, made up of built-in algorithms, to allow users, both personal and business, to filter their feeds by people or keywords and establish “routines.”

The company described the applications’ features in a press release:

  • A combined “smart” stream of content over time learns what is most important to the user. This learning provides the means for users to filter and/or hide what they do not want to see (low-value content), thus enabling them to receive more of what they do want to see (high-value content), when they want to see it.
  • A proprietary Fuzzy Logic Engine looks at who, what, when, and where across social-media channels to find previously hidden connections of who, what, when, and where among posts and flag these connections to the consumer as “Sparks.” For example, a Spark can reveal that someone on Twitter and someone on Facebook are both connected to someone in the user’s LinkedIn network.
  • Personal “routines” mirror the user’s lifestyle to filter specific streams of content by people or keywords, pulling from all connected networks. Consumers receive only the information that matters most from their multiple networks; the “routines” even help them discover connections previously missed. Common Sparksfly routines filter family, colleagues, health, sports, news, and more.

Sparksfly also detailed ways for users to benefit from Sparksfly 2.2:

Users can simplify communication with family members. For example, only 14 percent of a user’s Facebook News Feed might consist of family posts, but the user has to wade through all posts to find them. Creating a “family” routine allows users to cut the time spent scrolling through posts by 86 percent, just by placing all family posts in one feed.

Instead of spending hours on random consumer research, combing the Web for relevant information, users can receive research on an ongoing basis from a routine that is updated hourly. By adding keywords to routines, users can also discover if anyone in their networks has had experience with a specific product or service.

To sell products and services, many reps need to listen to and gather important information about their customers. This information may come from thought leaders, customer C-level executives, analysts, and more. However, sales professionals cannot spend their days searching through Twitter feeds. Sparksfly lets sales reps receive only the most important information related to their business.

Sparksfly enables users to sort and keep track of contacts across all their networks in one place. Users can also connect at events with contacts that are located near them.

President and CEO David Bankston added:

The consumerization of technology has blurred the lines between using social media for personal purposes and business purposes, making content more difficult than ever to consume. Our application finds connections across networks and flags them to consumers and brands, allowing for easier and more personal social engagement.

Readers: Do you use any apps or tools to help you navigate all of your social streams?