Going Viral: Spanair Sends Free Gifts To Passengers Down The Luggage Claim [Video]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Earlier this week we wrote about KLM Surprise, a social media campaign KLM Royal Dutch Airline ran over the holiday season, giving personalized gifts to random passengers who tweeted about their flights or checked at KLM flights with Foursquare. Turns out that KLM wasn’t the only airline spreading the love amongst their passengers this holiday season. Spanair decided to brighten things up for a plane-full of late night passengers on Christmas Eve by surprising them each with a beautifully wrapped gift on the luggage conveyor belt. If that’s not an amazing way to treat your passengers I don’t know what is!

A video of the Spanair Christmas Eve surprise is currently climbing the charts on YouTube. The video explains that their flight from Barcelona to Las Palmas on December 24 arrived close to midnight and they wanted to do something special for the 190 people who were travelling with them while everyone else celebrated Christmas Eve. I can’t imagine that they could have done anything nicer than this.

I got a little bit of a creepy vibe from the KLM Surprise campaign. This, on the other hand, is just pure heartwarming goodness. So far the video has been viewed just over 125,000 times and I hope this one single act of kindness continues to spread because Spanair definitely deserves the coverage.

A lot of airlines have been trying to get coverage online by staging flash mobs and running massive viral video campaigns. I feel like this Spanair video blows all the others out of the water in terms of making viewers want to fly with them. They didn’t pull out all the social media bells and whistles to try to get people to tweet about them or follow them on Facebook. They didn’t spend weeks trying to come up with some hilariously viral idea. They just did a good deed and they come across as the nicest, sweetest airline I’ve ever seen. The next time I plan a trip to Spain I’m definitely flying Spanair!

What do you think about the Spanair surprise luggage video? What would you do if you arrived in baggage claim, on your way home for the holidays, to discover a huge present awaiting your on the conveyor belt?