“SPAM Tweets” – 5 Buzzwords that Attract Spammers

By Andrew Hunt Comment

There are 5 buzzwords that are almost guaranteed to get you spam Tweets; these keywords are like fish bait for fake corporate profiles. Fake Tweeters will search for Tweets that contain words that relate to their business. And they will follow you in hopes that you follow back – allowing them to spam you with links to their own websites.

You can usually recognize these phony-bologna profiles by their profile pic – which contains an image of a person who is way more attractive than anyone you have ever seen in real life. All their past tweets contain links. And they follow double the amount of people who follow them.

Remember folks, if spam Tweets are getting you down you can always report the user. But before you start reporting every profile that retweets or spams you, you should know that there are some harmless ones. My personal favorite is the “Poutine_Bot” who will ReTweet you any time you mention the questionably-delicious Canadian meal, ‘The Poutine’.

We have compiled a list of the 5 Buzzwords and phrases that often attract those annoying spammers and fake profiles:

1. “Credit Card” – This is a big one. Whether you just got a credit card or you just misplaced one, you can count on someone wanting to help you out by offering you financial advice…or by offering you discounts on products that you ‘just cannot miss’.

2.. “Lonely” – Type this word. And a super model will start following you. But be aware: They are probably advertising a dating website on their profile. And the actual person behind the account is a 500lb businessman – not the person of your dreams.

3. “Debt” – Do you owe a load of money to someone? Apparently some random Tweeter out there wants to help dig you out of that hole. Type this word and you will probably receive a SPAM Sandwich within a week.

4. “I want a girlfriend/boyfriend” – This phrase, or similar phrases will get you adult website Spammers. Can’t a person just be lonely without Twitter throwing naked people at them?

5. “Deals” – You want a deal? Someone out there on Twitter wants to give you one!

Money and Romance seem to be the hot topics for spammers. Do you know of any others?