Facebook Game SongPop Is Hitting All The Right Notes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg loves SongPop. Facebook developers love SongPop. It seems like pretty much everybody loves SongPop. FreshPlanet, which developed the game, recently announced that the fun “Name That Tune”-like application reached some major milestones.

SongPop is a pretty fun game, where users can show off their musical-recognition talent through challenges with friends and users all across the globe. Players are matched up with opponents and asked to quickly guess the singers or titles of songs. The faster the player answer correctly, the more points they earn. With more points come more categories and challenges.

FreshPlanet declared Thursday that SongPop has 25 million unique players. The app has also consistently gained a five-star rating, and 4 million people play the game every day.

According to sister site AppData, SongPop also has 16.2 million monthly active users, a figure that has gone up by 1 million in the past week.

FreshPlanet CEO Mathieu Nouzareth wrote about SongPop’s success in the press release:

SongPop is a simple and fun game that gives people the ideal interplay between social, mobile, and a quick hit of competition between people who love music. SongPop’s success shows that, with the right idea, a small startup can succeed in connecting millions of people, reignite their love for their favorite hits, and prolong that musical experience when the game is over by redirecting them to international and local e-retailers and subscription services including iTunes. Our goal is to continue increasing SongPop’s music discovery potential and to continually build in new social features that keep players coming back.

While SongPop was already fairly popular, it skyrocketed when Zuckerberg posted that the game was one of the most fun ones he’s played in a while.

Readers: Are you addicted to SongPop, too?