Someecards Go Viral On Facebook With Humor, Pop Culture

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook users most likely can’t go one day without seeing a someecard pop up in their News Feeds. People love them. Brands love them. They’re funny, snarky, honest — and ubiquitous throughout Facebook. Someecards Co-Founder and CEO Duncan Mitchell told AllFacebook that the site sees somewhere between 1.5 million and 2 million visits per month from the social network. But how did it all get started?

Mitchell and Co-Founder Brook Lundy were once creative directors in online advertising. Lundy was looking for a decent e-card to send a friend, but he couldn’t really find one that accurately conveyed his feelings. So he told Mitchell that they should make “an e-card site that doesn’t suck.”

Someecards was launched in 2007 and steadily gained popularity through social media. It started out writing e-cards for birthdays and anniversaries with deadpan and snarky humor, then branched out to other situations, such as breakups, college life, flirting, and cries for help.

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Facebook users love sharing these cards that really describe how they feel. Mitchell said Facebook gives someecards data on roughly 40 million impressions per month, but when you include cards that are not shared directly from the site, he estimated that the company sees upwards of 100 million impressions each month.

Mitchell shared with AllFacebook the formula for making cards get shared so frequently:

We created a tone that was somewhat original, but also because it’s in the e-card format. We use the words I, we, us, you, they, them — all these personal pronouns that make the card something that you either want to say, “Oh, I know somebody like that,” or “That’s so me,” or “These people annoy me,” or “I’m totally like this.” I think that was another thing, making things personal. If you want things to share well on social networks, making things personal is always a good idea because that’s the way people are talking.

Someecards now has a team of writers dedicated to creating these cards. He said these writers draft cards based on holidays and funny musings, but also on what’s going on with pop culture. Users love poking fun at the Kardashians, political figures, and celebrities going through rehab, so someecards works to become part of that conversation. People can also submit their own ideas though, through the site, an iPhone application, or a Facebook app — which really helps the snarky cards go viral. Staffers also peruse these cards and promote the best ones as editors’ picks.

According to sister site AppData, someecards’ Facebook app has an estimated 423,698 monthly active users and is most used in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Between original content, branded cards, and editors’ picks promoted to the site, Mitchell estimated that there are roughly four to seven new cards each day.

Readers: How often do you share a someecard?

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