Some Women Primp To Extremes To Look Good On Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

When you’re choosing your Facebook profile image, how long does it take? Maybe a few minutes? A CBS station in Miami reports that some women are going to extremes to make sure they look great in their profile picture, even getting cosmetic surgery.

Apparently, to some, selection of that main image is more than just picking a great vacation photo or a picture where you’re dressed to the nines. One woman quoted in the story says that completely primping out is a way to amass likes.

One Miami woman even goes to the doctor for cosmetic procedures. Her reasoning?

It’s natural to want to look good … It’s also nice to get feedback from other people who you look good. It adds to the incentive, I would say.

Here’s how the doctor performing these procedures feels about going this far for Facebook:

You know people date; they look people up; it’s like they look up their Facebook profile. Most people will now look at Facebook and look at social media and Google people and see what’s out there on them.

Readers: What is the most you’ve done to look good for your profile photo?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.