SolvePath’s Enterprise Q&A Platform Is Fluent in Business Jargon

By Devon Glenn 

Today, Senexx Inc.has announced the launch of SolvePath, an internal Q&A platform for businesses. Employees using the tool will be able to ask a question in complete sentences and find the answers from within their company’s email, instant messaging, or internal social networks.

With semantic search and text analysis capabilities, SolvePath is designed to understand language better than a search engine that relies on keywords.

The service also integrates with Yammer and LinkedIn to identify experts on specific topics. A knowledge-routing algorithm automatically tags questions and answers to notify workers when a question in their area of expertise comes up.

“In many organizations, finding a specific piece of internal information or even a subject matter expert can be a slow and frustrating experience. On the public web, there are tools like Quora that can answer users’ questions, but that hasn’t been the case for internal corporate systems,” said Senexx co-found and CEO Zeevi Michel in a statement. “With SolvePath, corporate employees now have a powerful and accurate tool for answering their questions and finding experts so they can perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.”