What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Meebo

By Neil Glassman Comment

By integrating social networks and communication channels into a single solution, Meebo presents users with the ability to discover and share in real time.

Using the platform to increase interaction with users and offer loyalty rewards, site publishers may benefit from Meebo’s social sharing with increased repeat visitors, engagement and revenue. Advertisers may take advantage of targeted, rich-media display ads.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

The Meebo Bar can help brands, content sites and social networks increase the number of links shared and posted by their users to boost website traffic and brand exposure. Meebo currently reaches 40% of the U.S. Internet audience and nearly 170 million unique users worldwide, according to comScore Media Metrix (March 2011).

Coolest feature

The Meebo MiniBar browser follows users wherever they go online, enabling them to check-in to discover and share content. Most recently, Meebo launched Quests as an extension of this Web check-in system. Through Quests, users are rewarded with achievements for travelling across specific sites on the Web themed around a particular interest.

Feature rundown

  • Helps online users find relevant content and connect with friends and interests through chat, check-ins and sharing.
  • Enables user-connection threads based upon shared interests across the entire Web, as opposed to social circles.
  • Designed so that users will use check-in system over and over again rather than clicking it once to help websites recognize and reward their most frequent visitors.

User profile

Meebo is for brands seeking to provide stronger connections with their online customers through interaction and rewards for loyalty. The objective is to promote user sharing and referrals that may result in community growth.

User review

“Meebo is the evolution of the location-based craze for the clicks world. Its check-in system will make it easy to connect with our frequent online visitors and opens up tremendous possibilities to reward people when they visit or refer others to macys.com.” — Martine Reardon, executive vice president of marketing for Macy’s

“Meebo solves many of CMT’s social needs on the Web. The new check-in feature, along with the Meebo Bar’s intuitive design, makes it an extremely efficient product to integrate with CMT.com.” — Jay Frank, SVP of music strategy, CMT

Recent news

Social Times recently posted Learn from This: Cheetos Makes Goofing Off Pay Off, a case study on Meebo Quests.


For advertisers, Meebo offers rich media display ad units on a cost per engagement model.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “In terms of content discovery, some search engine solutions do not put you in touch with those that are knowledgeable, or the everyday experts. And other solutions, social networks, simply provide friend recommendations but don’t allow you to tap into expertise outside of your social circle—to people across the entire Web. Meebo’s solution of a Web check-in system allows for both – it puts you in touch with the everyday experts for relevant content discovery by tapping into the entire Internet population.”


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