What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About InfiniGraph

By Neil Glassman Comment

InfiniGraph tracks social network use to measure the strength of user connections brands, friends and followers, as well as to help brands identify and analyze influencer segmentation, brand affinity and social activity hubs.

It offers brands the potential to identify “crowd sourced Social Intelligence” around their social presences and rank content shared by the crowd to assist in developing tactics to drive social interaction, clicks and conversation through social relevancy.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

InfiniGraph is designed to:

  • Simplify identification of social keywords as they trend based on collective social interaction linked to proprietary social brand groupings to inform social ad buying and social SEO.
  • Improve the process of identifying key influencers for engagement/activation.
  • Generate one-click content recommendations for broadcast with real-time tracking.
  • Derive relevant conversation content from crowd sourced social interaction within product verticals to help increase brand-to-consumer engagement and conversion events.

Coolest feature

InfiniGraph combines real-time consumer-to-brand interactions with crowd-sourced Social Intelligence to help brands focus on the most relevant content and influencers for their verticals.

Feature rundown

  • Collecting large-scale data on consumer activity around brands, who is party to those interactions and the content around which they are interacting, InfiniGraph creates a Content Consumption Graph (CCG) based on Social Intelligence.
  • Ongoing social analysis, user ranking and affinity segmentation can assist brands in discovering content usage patterns, identifying key influencers and facilitating brand engagement.
  • InfiniGraph relies on a cloud computing environment that grows dynamically with data volume. Content automation is “self-improving” based on real-time social analytics.

User profile

Brands managing presence on one or more social media platforms, along with agencies and brands buying ads on Facebook. InfiniGraph is designed to help them increase efficiency and scale without adding staff.

User review

“Thanks to InfiniGraph, Complex Media’s Network flagship site Complex.com received 25% more visits and pageviews in October and 30% more in November from Twitter. InfiniGraph has also played a big role in increasing the followers base by 25% on Twitter and by 30% on Facebook” – Aleksey Baksheyev, Director of Technology, Complex Media, Inc.

Recent news

Introduction of “Network within a Network” in ads streaming Social Intelligence.


InfiniGraph has a monthly cost based on the growth of customers social presence starting at $2,500 per month. Sites with a combined 250K friends/followers and more than five social sites receive a discount.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “InfiniGraph creates Affinity maps and source trending content based on Social Intelligence. It goes way beyond timing tweets, mining keywords from streams or keyword social monitoring. InfiniGraph is not keyword based social listening (we create the keywords based on Social Intelligence and ranked by social activity ‘relevance’ rather than merely social monitoring). It is also not a mashup of third party APIs to make something look slick, yet lacks the scale and algorithm to handle billions of records.”

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