What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Conversocial

By Neil Glassman 

Joshua March, Co-founder & CEO, Conversocial

Conversocial is a scalable customer service platform for Facebook and Twitter designed to reduce the risks of social media marketing.

With collaborative workflow, automation and prioritization, teams can filter comments that need to be dealt with quickly, reducing the chances that important issues will be overlooked.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Social media marketing at scale opens the social customer service route, which, if ignored, can result in bad publicity and counter-productive campaigns. Conversocial’s collaborative platform gives customer service representatives controlled access to customers, allowing marketing and customer service to work together on social communication and helping route the right messages to the right team member. It also provides publishing and analytics tools for social media managers to build campaigns.

Coolest feature

Conversocial’s team inbox avoids duplication of efforts. Teams can work together to deal with incoming social messages, as everyone can see what content has already been addressed. Conversocial customers can work at a rate of around 1000 comments per hour, for each agent.

Feature rundown

  • Internal sharing — Route relevant messages to the right people, explaining what actions are to be taken.
  • Team management permissions — Sets who can do what on a page-by-page basis, including specific geo-targeting permissions for updates
  • Conversation history — A complete history of all interactions with any fan or follower to offer context for responses
  • Complete audit trail of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • Manual sentiment tracking — Can be used against individual updates or overall channels

User profile

Medium to large B2C companies who have direct customer relationships in verticals such as retail, finance, telecommunications and travel. Many of these brands’ social conversations have begun to scale and are receiving customer service issues via Facebook and Twitter. They are seeking to improve their structure and processes to better manage conversations.

User review

“With many international teams working on our numerous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, a means of managing these has become a necessity. We found Conversocial to provide the best service on the market for our ever-growing social media activity.” — Marcus Pappert, International Head of Social Media Marketing, Groupon

Recent news

Earlier this year, Conversocial received $2.4 million in Series A funding from venture capitalist firm DFJ Esprit.


Conversocial’s paid packages are designed for teams working on customer service and marketing through Facebook and Twitter, with comprehensive team workflow and reporting. These packages start from $149 per user per month. Conversocial has also offers a free edition (Starter) that is limited to a single user, but has no restrictions on number of fan pages or fan numbers.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Conversocial is the only social media management tool which focuses on delivering great customer service through Facebook and Twitter – we provide everything companies need in one place, allowing cohesive internal communication around public social communications. Unlike other tools, our workflow is designed to give visibility over every comment, ensuring no issues are missed, whilst allowing these to be processed quickly and efficiently. Everything is tracked, bringing complete accountability and security to social channels. Plus our customers tell us they love our interface, and find Conversocial really easy to use and to train staff members on!”


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Neil Glassman is principal marketing strategist at WhizBangPowWow, where he delivers integrated social, digital and linear media solutions. Contact Neil by email and join his conversations on Twitter and Google+.