INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Growing In Middle East, North Africa

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is continuing to grow, shooting past 1 billion users, but where are these people coming from? A new report from social statistics firm Socialbakers shows that many of them are coming from the Middle East and North Africa region, which accounts for an average of 21 new registrations per minute.

Socialbakers points out that since the beginning of the year, Facebook’s membership in that region (Middle East and North Africa, or MENA) has grown 29 percent, or by more than 10 million users. The report notes that the political uprising in countries such as Iraq, Qatar, and Libya has contributed to the growth of Facebook, as users look to tap into the power of social media. Qatar has grown by 115 percent this year, Libya by 86 percent, and Iraq by 81 percent. In Egypt, 2.5 million people have joined Facebook since January — the region’s highest gross user growth. The country also has the area’s largest Facebook population, checking in at 17 million.

Not only are users in these countries signing up, they want to engage. According to a recent poll, Socialbakers notes that nine out of 10 respondents in that area said they would participate in brands’ social media activities, if given the chance:

Overall, it’s clear that Facebook is becoming an inherent part of lives, business, and people in MENA countries. Based on statistics that show a high number of social interactions between the top brands and their customers, it is evident that marketers are increasingly becoming aware of Facebook’s role in driving business growth. It is encouraging to see such a positive trend, especially in countries outside of the world’s largest economies. It proves that marketers in this region already acknowledge the benefits that high-quality relationships can have on customers in social media.

Here’s the full infographic, courtesy of Socialbakers:

Readers: Have you noticed an increase in fans coming from these countries?