Study: Auto Brands Tops In Facebook Engagement

By Julie D. Andrews 

Fuzzy math may be making a comeback. It’s not the total tally of likes that a brand brandishes that matters most, according to a new study by Facebook statistics portal and analytics provider Socialbakers: Engagement is where it’s at.

The difference is that rather than just peeking at a Facebook page or clicking the like button in order to enter a contest, Facebook users on these pages actually make comments, respond to posts, and return to the page.

The report gauged average engagement rate, as well as daily page engagement rate for FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and ecommerce brands.

By industry, the top five with the highest average engagement rates were:

  1. Automotive, 0.207 percent
  2. Alcohol, 0.153 percent
  3. Airlines, 0.129 percent
  4. Ecommerce, 0.116 percent
  5. Fashion, 0.114 percent

Peaking at the top of the list for average engagement rate was Renault ZE, but here’s the noteworthy kicker: The brand’s Facebook likes max out at fewer than 14,500. Meanwhile, another brand within the same category, BMW, tallied 9.5 million likes.

Among alcohol socializers, Heineken was called an industry leader in the report, producing “innovative ways of communicating their product,” with more than 6 million likes and a growth of more than 23 percent per quarter.

What matters most, though, according to Socialbakers, is the engagement — how involved and responsive followers are to the content posted.

Another example within the FMCG category was fashion brand Viktor & Rolf, which showed the highest level of engagement in the category while having just 32,000 likes. Meanwhile, other fashion brands listed in the report, such as, Converse, totaled some 24 million.

Overall, while the highest number of fans are lured to Facebook pages for FMCG brands, auto industry brands capture the highest level of engagement.

The brand currently boasting the highest number of Facebook likes is Coca-Cola, with 41 million, with Red Bull as the runner up, with nearly 28 million.

The highest daily page engagement rate in the category of electronics brands was Nintendo, at more than 25 percent.

Engagement hikes result from brands’ efforts to create captivating visuals, to reach and connect with local communities, and to launch effective posting strategies, according to Socialbakers.

This bubbles over to the question of whether such aggressive moves to gain likes are a useful place to put resources. Would a more worthwhile endeavor be boosting the level of engagement?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.