Socialbakers Raises The Facebook Analytics Bar With Socialbakers Analytics V3.0

By David Cohen 

SocialbakersAnalyticsBanner650Social media analytics company Socialbakers beefed up its analytics offerings for Facebook and other social networks with its release this week of Socialbakers Analytics V3.0.

Socialbakers said its enterprise social analytics suite will allow its clients to compare unlimited amounts of social profiles, benchmarks, or custom groupings against its full set of advanced metrics.

The company also announced that it acquired social listening provider Social Insider, and that its team will be fully integrated into Socialbakers’ business.

Socialbakers Co-Founder and Head of Products Jiri Voves said in a blog post announcing Socialbakers Analytics V3.0:

Today, there are more platforms to post to, more communities to manage, more campaigns to optimize, and more data sets to analyze than ever before. To make things easier, Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 will feature a new customizable, multiplatform dashboard that will offer a unified overview of all platforms — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, vKontakte, and later LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus — in one view.

All of this will be built over a new, sleeker user interface with an enhanced user rights management function that will help social media pros be better, smarter, and faster when it counts.

Overall, some of the new features in Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 include: customizable multiplatform dashboard; enhanced competitive analysis with multiple comparisons; new design and a better user experience; advanced user rights management system; easier, more intuitive, and more comprehensive reporting; and tighter Facebook Insights integration.

We expect to start upgrading clients to Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 in the summer of 2014 through a progressive rollout. We expect the transition to be seamless, and we will be testing all changes very carefully to ensure the utmost in quality.