How do Social Signals Impact SEO? [Infographic]

By Kimberlee Morrison 

Now that social media has become firmly entrenched in our culture, social signalling has started to impact SEO substantially. From helping Google fine tune search results to inspiring user faith in services, social signals are an important metric for marketers. An infographic from explores this impact.

Social signals are actions taken by users that spread web content across social sites — for example, Pinterest pins or Facebook likes. These signals serve four main purposes:

  1. To indicate reputation among a target audience
  2. To help search engines, especially Google, decide what content is best for users
  3. To give web users faith in content, because it has been ‘voted’ on by the masses
  4. To help you earn brand loyalty by strengthening your social presence

Google+ has the greatest number of social signal metrics. The number of +1s, the influence of the users that click, the growth rate of +1s, the number of follows and shares, and the rate at which others are sharing all factor into the calculations. Other sites have different signals that weigh content, such as Foursquare checkins, Reddit upvotes and Pinterest pins.

Check out the infographic below for more social signalling tips, and for analysis of B2B and B2C use of social sites:

social signals