Should Facebook Develop A Social Mobile Browser?

By Julie D. Andrews 

It’s time for Facebook to put serious thought into mobile, and to dedicate a crew of developers to coming up with ways to shift the network. After, that is, the social network gets past the pressing repercussions of last Friday’s sloppy initial public offering.

After all, Facebook’s admission in its revised S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission May 9 that it had no clue how to monetize mobile despite most users accessing the network through smartphones led investors to lower revenue forecasts during its roadshow.

Hamish McKenzie wrote for PandoDaily:

As its underwhelming mobile apps have so far demonstrated, it’s difficult to shoehorn the data-heavy Facebook experience into a small-screen environment.

His tip: Facebook should build a social mobile browser.

It’s an interesting idea, worthy of consideration. It pinpoints the need for Facebook to stop considering its social network as a website destination, but rather to see itself as networked content that can be disseminated through a social mobile browser.

To wrap their noggins around the idea of mobile as an interface, Facebook engineers and developers could reference China’s UCWeb and Dolphin mobile browsers, McKenzie suggests, pointing out that Amazon adopted UCWeb’s cloud-powered browser when developing its Silk browser for the Kindle Fire.

Readers: Do you think creating a social mobile browser is a plausible solution to Facebook’s mobile dilemma?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.