Social Media Users Predict Royal Baby Will Be a Girl Named Alexandra

By Devon Glenn 

Social analytics are great for answering the questions that no one’s asked, like what do complete strangers think Prince William and Kate Middleton will name their unborn baby?

According to social media users, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have a little girl and will name her Alexandra, according to data from Synthesio, a global social media monitoring and analysis software provider.

Most of the royal baby-related chatter took place in UK (28 percent), with almost as many online conversations (26 percent) coming from the United States. Commonwealth countries including Australia, India, Nigeria, and South Africa also contributed a fair amount of speculation, the analysts said.

Around 62 percent of social media users predict that the royal baby will be a girl. Overall, Alexandra topped the list of the 5 most popular girls’ names for the baby, while users in the US and the Commonwealth countries preferred the name Elizabeth. If it’s a boy, people all over the world are saying the royal couple should name him George.

Top 5 Girls’ Names:

  1. Alexandra
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Margaret
  4. Victoria
  5. Charlotte

Top 5 Boys’ Names:

  1. George
  2. James
  3. Andrew
  4. Philip
  5. Edward

Digging further into the online conversations taking place on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, and the comment sections of online publications around the world, “the rationale behind why this name is so popular and why nearly two thirds of users believe the baby will be a girl, is far from clear,” said Synthesio UK managing director Catriona Oldershaw.

However, all of these names were held by other kings and queens, with Alexandra being one of the reigning queen’s middle names. And now that the UK Government has changed the law of succession to put the oldest child in line for the Crown regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, people may believe that William and Kate requested to have law changed after they found out they were having a girl, Synthesio said, but that is pure speculation.

Image by Michael Kraus.