Avoid Drunk Posting With The Social Media Sobriety Test

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Have you ever woken up with a wicked hangover, only to find that you posted something embarrassing or incriminating to your Facebook or Twitter account the night before? “I’m sooo drunk!” “I wish my girlfriend was as hot as Megan!” “I made poopie in my pants!” With Webroot’s new Social Media Sobriety Test your worries are over. Just install the Sobriety Test extension, set up your “hours of intoxication” and you’ll be tested for sobriety before you are able to sign in to Twitter, Facebook and any other websites you choose.

When I first saw the video below, a video intro to the Social Media Sobriety Test, I have to admit that I thought it might be a joke. Especially because one of their examples of “drunk posting” is a 1:31am picture comment that says, “Your baby has a big head.”

The video clip explains how the test works. Basically, you install the extension, set things up to let the test know which sites you want to block when you are “intoxicated” and during which hours, and you’re good to go. If you try signing in during those hours you’ll receive one of five “roadside tests”, which include keeping your mouse inside a circle that moves across the screen and typing the alphabet backwards.

I had to check out the sobriety test for myself so I installed in on my computer. I set things up so that I would be inside my “hours of intoxication” and sure enough, when I tried to sign into Facebook the test popped up! It asked me to type the alphabet backwards in 60 seconds. I was a little nervous about it (not because I’m drunk, but because it seems hard to type the alphabet backwards, right?) but I passed with flying colors. Check out the screenshot below to see what the test looks like, and to see proof that I don’t drink on the job.

I think that Webroot has done incredibly well for themselves with this campaign. Internet security and anti-virus software is usually boring. This campaign, however, is funny and incredibly viral. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this app, as well as Webroot, in the weeks to come.

Are you guilty of drunk posting? Do you think you’ll be installing Webroot’s Social Media Sobriety Test to cover your ass?