One In 10 Have Quit Twitter In The Past Year [STUDY]


By Shea Bennett Comment

One In 10 Have Quit Twitter In The Past Year [STUDY]

New data has revealed that one in 10 social media users in the United Kingdom stopped using Twitter over the past 12 months, with loss of interest in the platform cited as the main reason.

Interest in Facebook in the UK is also waning, with the network losing about 9 percent of its users in the last year.

In their Social Media 2014 report, YouGov discovered that 55 percent of users quit a social media service simply because they have lost interest. Privacy concerns were listed as the main reason for 26 percent of quitters, with one in five leaving because they were “fed up with advertising and marketing strategies”.

One In 10 Have Quit Twitter In The Past Year [STUDY]

Overall, Facebook remains the dominant social network in the UK, with 86 percent using the service, ahead of YouTube (46 percent) and Twitter (32 percent).

“It could be argued that the relative decline of Facebook and Twitter is a direct result of social media being such an intrinsic part of people’s everyday lives,” said YouGov’s James McCoy. “For example, Facebook has been available to the mass market since for seven years and in that time it has gone from being a fresh, new and innovative start up to a familiar colossus – a business empire with money to make and shareholders to satisfy. However, it should be noted that Facebook’s decline is relative – it is still the king of social media with impressively high levels of usage.”

(Source: YouGov. Social media icons image via Shutterstock.)